• The population includes Black and White Taj
  • Son la is a province in the Northwest region of Vietnam
  • It borders Laos to the south
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  • The population includes Black and White Tai
The population includes Black and White Taj1 Son la is a province in the Northwest region of Vietnam2 It borders Laos to the south3 Sonla Viet Nam4 The population includes Black and White Tai5
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Son La Specialties



Son La is a province in Vietnam northwest area, where contains pristine traits of hilly region and charming combination of mountains and rivers. If you have chosen Son La for your next trip, do not forget the impressive places below.

     Moc Chau plateau- the cluster of relics

Lying over 1000 meters above the sea level, Moc Chau plateau is to the northwest from the 6th route. It is such a wide plateau that expands about 80 kilometers in length and 25 kilometers in width with 1600 ha of meadow.

Saying that Moc Chau is where traveling resources gather the most of Son La and the northwest mountainous region is not exaggerating. Besides, its specific weather and resources make it an appropriate destination for tourism and convalescence. In the center of this plateau is a microclimate with cool summer, the average temperature is 20 degree Celsius and drier winter than surrounding areas.

     Son Moc Huong Cave

Son Moc Huong Cave, also called Moc Chau bat-cave, may be a familiar name to travelers who have visited Moc Chau. With breathtaking sceneries, this cave is such a masterpiece that nature gifted this plateau. According to feedbacks from visitors, Son Moc Huong cave with its mysterious and unique features deserves the most beautiful cave in the west area. Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism recognized it as a national relic.

Inside the cave, from the cave’s ceiling do sparkle in rainbow’s colors rosins drop down magically. Several rosins dropping from the ceiling that are 20 meters high look like big old trees’ roots. Moreover, some are in shapes of coins, fairies, fairy men, elephants, lions, tigers, lizards, eagles, and even softly clouds.

      Da river cluster of tourism

Da river flowing through Son La province is 280 kilometers in lengths with 32 huge and small tributaries. From ancient time, this river plays the role of connecting not only Son La’s peoples but also northwest civilians to lowlanders.

Touring this cluster of tourism is visiting centurial works, exploring by yourself prehistoric period through archeologic evidence and magnificent landscape. A pristine picture of board river, towering mountains, untouched forests but lively with hospitable humans is such an unforgettable experience to visitors. This cluster is too spectacular to leave.

      Tien Phong lake

Tien Phong lake is in Muong Bon commune, Mai Son district, lying next to the 6th route. It is 23 kilometers from Son La town, 7 kilometers from Hat Lot town and 2 kilometers from Na San airport to this lake.

It creates such a picturesque landscape among the immense meadow full of sunlight and wind. To the north and east of the lake are two mountains, water at each is extremely purified. To the west is the Na San plateau that expands extensively with undulating mountains.To truly experience its beauty, it is advisable that travelers go on excursions by rowing boats, pedalos, and motorboats. Tourists can bring fishing rods to fish carps, dories, grass carps, black carps, and mud craps.

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